Wider Impacts

Communities, students, public authorities, private companies and start-ups will benefit from IstanbulON’s expertise in urban mobility through workshops, training programmes, conferences, joint projects and alike. In this sense, IstanbulON will provide;

  • Experimental environment (testing new apps, hardware etc.) in a living lab environment
  • Hands-on lab & Real-world laboratories
  • Creative solutions to city-specific problems
  • User-friendly solutions (including softwares, hardwares)
  • Participatory platforms for citizens to become part of the solution
  • Expert and community trainings
  • Innovative platforms for university students
  • Education for school children through workshops (how to ride a bike, how to be safe on public transport & walking, how sustainable your daily mobility is etc.)
  • International outlook (city) for citizen-powered solutions to urban mobility
  • Platform for dialogues (moderating debates) between different stakeholders through Research, Technology and Innovation including
  • the co-production of data and analysis through interactive methodologies
  • uses of smart data
  • planning & design
  • start-up support