Strategic Goals

IstanbulON is a knowledge production and sharing platform aiming to stimulate the following;

  • A shift towards low carbon transport through innovation, technology and participatory approach to creating solutions all together
  • Increased awareness in public and private sector in social, economic and environmental impacts of transport
  • Changes in travel behaviour towards more sustainable ways of moving
  • Affordable and accessible transport systems
  • Sustaining social inclusion through the means of transport by economic empowerment of women and other disadvantaged groups in cities
  • Overcoming cultural barriers in innovative and shared mobility
  • Co-creating frameworks to be effective at local and national level – white papers; plans; acts; programs; roadmaps
  • Learning from best and emerging practices in order to create positive and solution-oriented productive environment
  • Monitoring transport policy implementations and informing policy-makers
  • Changes in the ways of knowledge production and use towards co-production and sharing

Creating a vital innovation and start-up ecosystem for mobility and transport