World is on the move. As the hubs of contemporary mobilities, cities are highly exposed to the changing climate of urban mobility. With accelerating growth in urban population, increased demand for transport services, growing automobile sales worldwide and sectoral transformations increasing the mobility share of services, contemporary cities have taken a mobility turn, a step most of them are not ready to take. On the one hand, there is the rising levels of mobility in every aspect from business to education purposes, seeking health services as well as asylum, on the other hand, there is a growing concern of ‘immobilities’ as there is a significant ratio of urban population who do not have the social, economic, physical or political means to move, even on a daily basis. As half the population is less mobile than the other half whose mobility is also getting smarter every day, mobility solutions need to be inclusive of all residents, commuters and passers-by in cities while being considerate of the current and projected impacts of climate change.

Reflecting on the current climate in increased levels of urban mobility and challenges that are associated with it, ITU Faculty of Architecture founded IstanbulON Urban Mobility Lab. IstanbulON is a living lab with the aim of bringing together companies, industries, universities and start-ups with communities in order to produce inclusive, sustainable and innovative mobility solutions.